Evidence of the quantum medium
     A large part of the evidence of the quantum medium is the medium's ability to explain logical physical causes for a wide variety of phenomena that orthodox physics theory can not explain. The Doppler shifts on the preceding page are one example, and the following pages contain other examples. They show why "relativistic" phenomena, "inertia" and "gravity" are consequences of the qm view's two premises (specified on page 20). Relativity theory predicts some of this observed phenomena, but it does not reveal what is causing the observations. The combination of all this observed phenomena, that so far fits exactly with the qm view without exceptions or other problems, is strong evidence of the quantum medium. Few physicists are aware of this. Most have learned that many experiments (e.g. Michelson's) have tried and failed to detect a light-propagating medium. When the qm view is understood, it is clear why the experiments failed to detect the medium. However, there is more evidence of the medium, and some of it will now be discussed briefly.

     The cosmic microwave background radiation, which is radiation believed to be a remnant of a "big bang" that occurred billions of years ago, is very low energy radiation that has been stretched out and cooled for eons. One would expect the observed average energy of the photons comprising this radiation to be the same in all directions if the speed of these photons arriving at our detectors is the same in all directions (as relativity theory assumes). But this is not what is observed. The radiation has a dipole pattern. Measurements made by NASA's COBE satellite show that this radiation has a higher frequency and energy in the direction of the constellation Leo than in the opposite direction. The NASA image below shows this dipole.

     The quantum medium provides a logical explanation for the dipole. The observed dipole is what would occur if the radiation is propagated through a medium and has the same energy in all directions in the medium and our solar system is moving through the medium and toward Leo with a velocity of .0012 times the speed of light through the medium.

     A variety of other evidence supports the quantum medium hypothesis. For example, the quantum vacuum of quantum mechanics theory is a realm from which energy quanta are constantly materializing and into which they are constantly disappearing. It is logical that this is the same realm as the quantum medium through which the energy quanta are propagated. And on page 29a we discuss Newton's bucket experiment, the results of which are clearly explained by the qm. The qm is Newton's "immovable space," which he believed best explains the results. Further, recent nuclear decay experiments, showing daily and yearly variations in decay rates that coincide with our daily and yearly changes in velocity through the qm due to Earth's rotation and revolution, may be further evidence of the qm.

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