Spaceships experiment
     Some of the strange phenomena and physics that we will discuss involve bodies moving at high speeds relative to one another. To achieve the high speeds we can imagine an experiment involving spaceships A and B that are initially floating together in space between our sun and a neighbor star. Aboard each ship are two types of observers. One type, that we will designate "observers(c)," believe that photons always have the same speed c relative to the ships, regardless of the motions of the ships. The other type, that we will designate "observers(cr)," understand the quantum medium view and believe that photons have an absolute speed ca through a quantum medium and therefore have different speeds cr relative to spaceships moving through the medium. It will become apparent in the following dozen pages that observers(c) and observers(cr) can see the same events occur and reach very different conclusions about the phenomena involved. We first discuss some strange observations of observers(c), and then show that the strange phenomana are consequences of the qm and the above belief of observers(c).

     The spaceships are both 100 meters long and are otherwise the same. The engine thrust can be in either direction of the ship. Each ship has sodium-vapor lights that emit the characteristic yellow light that can be seen by the other ship. Each ship has quartz crystal and atomic clocks as well as traditional oscillating flywheel clocks that keep time aboard the ship. A ship's time is shown (in seconds) on large digital displays on the ship so it can be seen by the other ship. While the ships are floating next to one another, their clocks are synchronized and the digital displays all read the same number of seconds, as shown.

     Then ship B fires its engine and accelerates in the −x direction to a very high cruising speed and travels far from ship A. It then reverses the engine thrust and accelerates back toward ship A. When its speed toward A is six-tenths of the speed of light (i.e. .6 c), the engine is turned off and the ship coasts at this high speed past ship A as shown on the following page.

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