More observations not explained by orthodox theory
     Before leaving the spaceship experiment we will look at one more phenomenon that occurs as B passes A with an observed relative velocity of .6 c.   As B approaches A, it is observed aboard B that the sodium-vapor light from A is blueshifted into the ultraviolet. And after B passes A, the same observers aboard B see that the same light from A is redshifted into the infrared.

     Orthodox physics has equations to accurately predict the blueshift and the redshift from the known emission frequency of the light and the known observed velocity of B relative to A. But what causes the photons from A to appear blueshifted and then redshifted aboard B if, as orthodox physics says, there is no change in the speed of the photons relative to B as B passes A? Surely the sodium-vapor lights aboard A and the photons they emit do not change as B passes.

     Relativity theory can not explain what is causing the light from A to be blueshifted and then redshifted as B passes A. On the other hand, the blue and red shifts observed aboard both ships are exactly in accordance with the quantum medium view. They are natural consequences of the effects of the motions of B and/or A through the quantum medium and the resulting Doppler shifts when the photons are emitted and when the photons are absorbed, regardless of the velocity of ship A through the medium. The phenomenon is similar to driving down a highway and passing a car that has its horn blowing. Regardless of the horn-blowing car's speed along the road, the sound of its horn will be a higher pitch before passing and a lower pitch after passing. The change from blueshift to redshift observed aboard ship B supports the qm view, which reveals physical causes for the change. The primary cause is the change in the speed of the photons relative to B. But according to relativity theory, the speed of the photons relative to B does not change as B passes A, and relativity theory provides no other physical causes for the change from blueshift to redshift. Therefore, the observations do not support relativity theory. If you do not agree, please read Doppler effects and their physical causes.

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