Is it a coincidence that the qm view explains a wide variety of perplexing phenomena?
     It was shown that increasing a body's velocity through the qm causes blueshifts and redshifts in the quanta of energy in the body and increases the emitted internal energy in the body by an amount equal to the work required to change the body's velocity. This indicates that work is needed to change the velocity of a vehicle, a ball, an electron, or other physical system because the internal energy in the system must be changed and this requires work. This is one of many natural consequences of the quantum medium and Premise I that provide explanations for observed phenomena that have not had plausible explanations.

     Is it just a coincidence that the logical consequences of the qm explain physical causes for the slowing of moving clocks, the foreshortening of moving bodies, "mass" and "inertia," the apparent constant speed of light c, the symmetry of observations in inertial frames moving relative to one another, the cosmic microwave background dipole, a quantum vacuum, the blueshifting and redshifting of light, and other perplexing phenomena (including physical causes for gravity and related phenomena, which are explained on pages 28-31)? Or, is it much more likely that the qm is the cause of these phenomena?

     Physics texts now teach that experiments show that spacetime theory is correct, that a light-propagating medium is impossible, that the speed of light is constant in all inertial frames, and that Newtonian mechanics breaks down at high velocities. Students also learn that it is foolish to question well-established physics theory even though the theory has many aspects like the photon that no one can describe with clarity and certainty. The previous pages show that, in the quantum medium view, spacetime theory is as misleading as Ptolemy's model of the cosmos. Both theories have been very useful mathematical models of the observations of their time, but they cannot explain logical physical causes for the observations. Both theories greatly affected human thought and have been taught with unjustified certainty. Understandably, people are busy and the quantum medium view is not easy to understand quickly, as you have seen. This is a reason for this website and fairly brief presentation. We hope you found it of interest and will take a few more minutes to see how the qm view explains gravitational and acceleration forces and related phenomena.

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