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  Introduction 1  
  Brief context or background 2  
  The constant speed of light (c) on which spacetime theory is based 3  
  The constant absolute speed of light (ca) on which the qm view is based 3a  
  Spaceships experiment (to show consequences of high relative velocities) 4  
  Strange symmetry of observations 5  
  Observed slowing of clocks 6  
  Conflicting observations of observers(c) 7  
  More observations not explained by orthodox theory 8  
  Evidence of the quantum medium 9  
  Terms and Symbols 10  
  Spaceframes experiment (to show consequences of quantum medium) 11  
  The slowing and asynchronization of clocks on B 12  
  The foreshortening of spaceframe B 13  
  Physical change ratio rv due to absolute velocity va 14  
  Virtual slowing of clocks and "relativistic time dilation" 15  
  Virtual distance and "relativistic length contraction" 16  
  Virtual relative velocity 17  
  Virtual physical change ratio and gamma γ of relativity theory 18  
  Virtual constant speed of light, c 19  
  Premises, mass, virtual mass, inertia, gravity 20  
  Mass/energy in the universe 21  
  A body's variable mass/energy due to its changing internal energy 22  
  Photon energies in a spherical body with va=.6 ca 23  
  Why bodies have "mass" and "inertia" 24  
  Newton's second law of motion 25  
  Virtual mass decrease 26  
  Is it coincidence that qm view explains so much perplexing phenomena? 27  
  Gravitational force (internal energy-exchange imbalance) 28  
  Acceleration and inertial force (faux gravity) 29  
  Newton's Bucket in the quantum medium view 29a  
  The speed of light cag where rg<1 (and related experimental evidence) 30  
  Consequences of gradients of rg (and related experimental evidence) 31  
  Conclusion 32  

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