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These videos show how the quantum medium view explains logical physical causes for a variety of important phenomena that have long been confusing. They show that constant light speed, c, which is a cornerstone of modern physics theory, is very likely an illusion. They explain clearly the physical causes of this amazing illusion. (The videos could also be better, and improvements are planned.)

The fact that the qm view explains a wide variety of phenomena indicates its two premises are correct; that all mass/energy is comprised of oscillating energy quanta in the quantum medium and that large concentrations of mass/energy affect the propagation of energy quanta through the medium. In the qm view, the theoretical "particles" of the standard model of modern physics are systems of the oscillations in the medium, which are far from being understood. The videos specify the two premises, and show that their logical consequences exactly explain poorly understood observed phenomena including "relativistic" clock slowing, inertia, gravity, light propagation, and the observed huge energy contained in matter.

The qm view answers important questions, and it helps understand the videos to be aware of the questions shown here. These videos refer to other qm view videos, such as the inertia and gravity videos, which will eventually be included on this page. If you want to view them, feel free to contact us for the unlisted YouTube URLs.

To view a video, click on the YouTube player to left of the video title. Under each title below is a brief preview. The Introduction video is the place to start because it is necessary for understanding the other videos.



Introduction to the qm view - Part 1
Preview: This video provides an understanding of basic consequences of the quantum medium causing a wide variety of observed phenomena. It helps understand how time and distance (as specified by clocks, radar ranging, metal distance scales, or other measuring systems) depend on the velocity of the measuring systems through the quantum medium. It explains the rationale for a simple mathematical relationship that specifies distances and the rate of time in any system of mass/energy in terms of the system's velocity through the quantum medium. This relationship is used in Part 2 of the introduction to explain one of the many perplexing aspects of relativity theory.
Length: 14 min.


Introduction to the qm view - Part 2
Preview: In the qm view, the changes in rates of time specified by the physical change ratio explained in Part 1 exactly account for the clock slowing predicted by relativity theory and observed in experiments. The reason for the clock slowing is not relative motion between clocks, as relativity theory indicates and which results in the long-perplexing Twins or Clocks Paradox. After this video the viewer should have a preliminary understanding of the qm view and an awareness that the qm view and relativity specify the same observed, virtual phenomena, and that the qm view reveals physical causes for the phenomena. The qm view shows that absolute times, distances, and masses exist, whereas relativity theory shows they do not exist because, with relativity, observers moving relative to one another cannot agree on the rates of clocks and the dimensions and masses of bodies.
Length: 14 min.



Constant Light Speed, c, in the qm view
Preview: After watching this video, you should understand why, in the qm view, the speed of light (unimpeded by air or other mass/energy) appears to be a constant, 300 million meters per second relative to all observers in constant velocity motion, regardless of the observers' motions toward or away from the sources of light. You should be able to calculate the speed of light that will be observed for various observer velocities through the quantum medium, and you may find it interesting that this speed is always the same, c. This video shows that constant light speed, c, is probably an illusion. It is a logical consequence of a quantum medium through which light is propagated at a constant absolute speed, ca, and therefore moves with variable speeds, cr, relative to light sources and observers moving through the medium.
Length: 15 min.



Time Travel in the qm view
Preview: This video shows why the rates of atomic clocks and other physical processes depend on the velocities of the processes through the quantum medium and the locations of the processes relative to large concentrations of mass/energy. It shows that significantly slowing the aging process of clocks or people is difficult and unrealistic. It shows that time travel back in time, which is theoretically possible according to relativity theory, is impossible in the qm view, as well as logically impossible. It also shows that the singularities and event horizons of the black holes of relativity theory do not exist in the qm view. In the qm view, all concentrations of mass/energy always emit radiation and always affect the frequencies, speeds, and trajectories of the radiation moving through the quantum medium.
Length: 15 min.



Rotation to detect the quantum medium
Preview: This video shows a simple way to demonstrate the existence of the quantum medium which, in the qm view, is present everywhere. The matter in our bodies is comprised of systems of small but ultra fast and energetic oscillations of this medium. The photons bringing light to our eyes from objects near and far are an obvious form of these oscillations of the medium. When the incredibly large number (more than a trillion trillion) of high-energy systems of oscillations in our bodies are forced to move along curved paths, we can observe the logical effects, as this video shows.
Length: 13 min.


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